Naomi: The Perfect Balance Between Familiarity and Individuality

Naomi: The Perfect Balance Between Familiarity and Individuality

After a year of tweaks and tinkering and countless iterations, our Naomi hoodie design strikes the perfect balance between familiarity and individuality. Cuffed around the wrists and waist the Naomi hoodie reigns in its oversized fit for stylish comfort. No drawstrings grants the hoodie a smooth, fresh, and all-around seamless feel without compromising functionality. 


An interior drawstring on the accompanying sweatpants brings it all home in conjunction with Congruence’s signature “New Neutral” Lavender dye. These hoodies are made to be comfortable for anyone and are the ideal unisex hoodie and sweatpants combo. Bringing the seamless color of royalty to sweats, this is an outfit everyone should feel at home in.


Our Naomi set is made from heavyweight, combed cotton fleece grown and manufactured right here in the USA. After tireless searching, and over 300 manufacturer interviews, we finally found a small-batch shop that believed in our mission and was willing to help us ethically produce our clothing.


Our cuts, fits, and styles were perfected in a small family-owned manufacturer in Los Angeles and are produced in small batches in Texas. Every step of the year-long design process was made aiming to make clothes where your ideal self and actual expression match.


In total, these hoodies keep all the best familiar features and fits with none of the baggage. Built and cut to fit anyone without making anyone fit into a box, this design reminds everyone of our connection as humans and our uniqueness as individuals. 


This is why our hoodies feature a sharp puff printed reminder on the back: “The same but different,”  not only describes our uniquely familiar hoodie design but our experience as people.

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