Representing a State of Congruence

Representing a State of Congruence

Our emblem includes the mathematical symbol for congruence. When included in the logo, the emblem acts as an E, but stand alone, it’s a C with a squiggle on top.

Congruence describes the state in which a person’s ideal self matches their actual expression. Our brand believes this concept is especially important in fashion, as clothing and accessories are a tangible form of self-expression.

Many traditional clothing labels ignore the fact that our inner selves can be varying and unpredictable, and instead choose for us -- categorizing clothes into certain activities or genders.

Congruence recognizes this flaw in the fashion industry and gives you the power to choose pieces that match your unique inner self, without any prescribed rules or norms. This allows you to align your inner and outer expression -- and ultimately live in a state of congruence. 

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