The New Neutral

The New Neutral

A state of Congruence: “the state of being similar to something and not in conflict with it” according to the Oxford English dictionary. To us, Congruence means being at peace with yourself; it means allowing your imagined and actual self to become one in the same.

Traditional fashion and branding, however, leave a lot of people out. Indeed if you’re not or don’t see yourself as a traditionally masculine man or a traditionally effeminate woman you probably don’t see yourself reflected very much in the clothes you wear or the companies that make them.

This was the problem that we set out to solve at Congruence, or at least to call attention to. We want to call attention to the binaries that not only divide us but leave so many people out. 

To make this statement in our own way, we developed that new neutral purple/lavender. We see this as our way to make a statement without advocating conflict. As it turns out, when you bring two ‘sides’ together, like pink and blue, you get something new and beautiful.

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